Video: Interview With Judge Corriero About New York’s Practice of Trying Minors as Adults

Posted: January 22nd, 2013 | by Yuval Sheer

A new textbook, Juvenile Delinquency: Bridging Theory to Practice, by Professor Robert McNamara, includes an examination of New York’s age of criminal responsibility. It also features a discussion of New York’s Juvenile Offender Law, which permits trying children as young as 13 in the adult court when accused of certain serious enumerated felonies. The book invites students to view an online video interview with Judge Corriero. In the video, Judge Corriero explains:

“And we at the New York Center for Juvenile Justice… one of the things that we need to address is raising the age of criminal responsibility in New York to 18, so that we can change the lens by which these children are viewed in the system from the very, very interaction of the police with them… And you young people who are reading this book are going to have the responsibility of doing that. You are the next generation of advocates and it is through knowledge and understanding of the system that you will change it.”

To view the full video click the image below:

We want to thank Professor McNamara, Associate Provost and Dean of The Citadel Graduate College, for his efforts in educating the future generation of juvenile justice practitioners and advocates. We also extend our thanks to Betty Chen, Senior Developmental Editor at McGraw-Hill Higher Education, for her work on this interview.


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