NYCJJ Conducts Event With The Child Welfare Organizing Project

Posted: June 23rd, 2011 | by Yuval Sheer

On June 22, 2011, Judge Corriero discussed the prospect of raising the age of criminal responsibility in New York with parents and professionals from the Child Welfare Organizing Project (CWOP), a partnership dedicated to public child welfare reform in New York City through increased, meaningful parent involvement in service and policy planning. Judge Corriero discussed the potentially disastrous consequences a youthful criminal conviction can have on entire families.

During the meeting which took place at CWOP’s headquarters in East Harlem, Judge Corriero acknowledged the importance of CWOP’s role in creating the right policies for children in New York . He told those assembled that the mission of the New York Center for Juvenile Justice was to create a legal framework, an organizational structure that parents can trust and respect. A framework that treats all children and parents with dignity.

Judge Corriero took advantage of this opportunity to listen and learn from the concerns of the parents as well as to help them develop the knowledge and information needed to achieve a greater voice in the shaping of policy affecting the lives of their children and themselves.

The Center wishes to thank the parents and professionals present for their important feedback and support.

A special thank you to Michael Arsham, CWOP’s Executive Director, for providing us with the opportunity to conduct this important discussion, and for his tireless advocacy work to transform and improve New York’s child welfare system.


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