New York Law Journal Features an Interview With Judge Corriero

Posted: March 16th, 2012 | by Yuval Sheer

On March 2, 2012, Judge Corriero had the opportunity to share the mission and vision of the New York Center for Juvenile Justice, and to explain the Center’s work to improve justice for children across New York State. In an extensive interview with the New York Law Journal, Judge Corriero stated:

“It is becoming increasingly apparent that New York’s approach to dealing with young offenders is incongruous with research on adolescent behavior and studies demonstrating that the prosecution of children in adult courts is not effective. New York’s approach is also incongruous with nearly every other state in the nation. If North Carolina, the only other state in the nation that currently sets the age of criminal responsibility at 16, passes legislation currently pending before its legislature, New York will become isolated in our approach and achieve the unwanted distinction, in my view, as the only state in America that sets the age of criminal responsibility at 16.

As more and more kids are criminalized and more and more families and communities are affected by this misguided approach, we are now reaching the point of critical mass where the people will demand that children be treated with the respect and sensitivity with which they are due.”

You may read the full interview here


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