Huffington Post Featured “Raise The Age” Article by Judge Corriero

Posted: June 29th, 2012 | by Yuval Sheer

On June 14th, just days before Father’s Day, the Huffington Post published an article authored by Judge Corriero, in which the judge emphasized that raising the age of criminal responsibility in New York will provide our state with an unprecedented opportunity to partner with families for our children’s future. In the article, Judge Corriero stated:

“Trying youth as adults results in missed opportunities to lend support to families in their effort to overcome the challenges that lead to an arrest. In fact, the adult system does not give a family much of a say at any phase of the process…”

“New York’s policy of trying children as adults leaves in its wake thousands of missed opportunities to productively partner with families, to ensure that our youth realize their full potential and avoid future involvement with the criminal justice system. In 2010 alone, 46,000 youths below the age of 18 were arrested and came into contact with our adult court system.”

You may read the full article here.


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