NYCJJ Meets with Residents at Horizon Juvenile Detention Facitility

Posted: January 22nd, 2013 | by Yuval Sheer

On January 6, Judge Corriero was invited by Laurence Busching, First Deputy Criminal Justice Coordinator in the Mayor’s Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator, to speak with two dozen residents at the Horizon Juvenile Detention Center in the Bronx.

During the meeting, the teenagers stressed that it was important that judges recognize them as individuals, taking into account not only their mistakes, but also their achievements while in detention. This telling feedback reaffirms our belief that “paying attention is the best alternative to detention.”

The exchange also illustrates that, when adjudicating cases involving adolescents, the judiciary is presented with a singular opportunity–to effectively engage youth, as an integral part of the youth’s overall process of understanding, taking responsibility for, and ultimately overcoming transgressions made at a young age.

The meeting at Horizon was part of a series of conversations organized by Mr. Busching and Elmer Blanco of the Children’s Aid Society. In these conversations, residents at the facility gain insight from guest speakers and discuss their personal aspirations and goals.

We are grateful to Mr. Busching and Mr. Blanco for facilitating this valuable opportunity to hear from, and to carefully listen to the youth, and for their commitment to providing mentoring and guidance to the residents of Horizon.


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Photo by Richard Ross taken at Horizon. Visit his website:


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