Courting Kids: A New Book About the Manhattan Youth Part

Posted: October 25th, 2012 | by Yuval Sheer

Before founding the New York Center for Juvenile Justice, Judge Corriero established and presided over the “Youth Part” in Manhattan, a special court created in the Supreme Court of New York State, designed to focus attention and scarce resources on young offenders prosecuted as adults pursuant to New York State’s Juvenile Offender Law. The court became a model for mobilization and coordination of treatment and social services for children prosecuted in adult courts. Manhattan’s Youth Part is now presided over Judge Eduardo Padro.

Documenting the stories of youth who come into contact with the court and the staff of the Youth Part, Professor Carla J. Barrett of John Jay College of Criminal Justice authored a new book titled “Courting Kids.” In the introductory pages of the book, she notes:

“In a time when state after state was passing harsher laws in response to transgressive youth, the Manhattan Youth Part undertook a modern-day experiment in child-saving. This book examines how that ex­periment operated and analyzes the questions that it raises and insights it offers about the proper legal responses to youth offenders, about the ten­ability of the practice of prosecuting youths as adults, and about the ongo­ing criminalization of youth — particularly urban youth of color.”

You may order and advance copy of the book here


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